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2012 Challenge Ride

20 Challenge riders participated in the Dempsey Challenge on October 14, 2012 and helped raise funds for Wellspring Calgary.


2012 Challenge Riders:

Rita Gore

Marlene Gukert

Cheryl Hendry

Jane Holbrook

David Hopkins

Gavin Matthews

Brian McGregor

Maureen McGregor

Paddy McGuire

Patti Morris

Arlene Morton

Margie Nickles

Jason Oakey

Sabrina Oakey

Norma Robertson

Lynn Rogers

Bruce Stewart-Smith

Erin Vienneau

Maurice Walch

Susan Walch





You wascally wabbits!! Where is Somebunny when you need HIM! Sorry to hear of the pile up, but as Doug always says..You are not learning unless you fall every once in a while! We were at the border-Eureka wishing the weather there was with you in Saskabush!13 degrees C. Keep your heads up, your bellies full, and find a hot tubby asap for a nice warm hug for all of you! I think you all deserve and A+ for TEAM EH!?*

Cheers and have a few beers,:)

Oh Joyn'the boys!(Guiness sends warm  air to the East as he heads West)

Hey guys (Team Defy)...You are just now finished your first ride in the USA! Hope the America air is warmer than our Canadian air. I really hve no idea if my blogs are going through. Maybe I should take a computer course in 2013! You are in my thoughts every minute of your ride and I'm getting very excited to greet you in Maine! Until then stay safe and, John, keep the humour flowing.


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