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About Us

Who is Cancervive?

The Cancervive Foundation of Alberta (Cancervive) is a non-profit organization established to raise awareness and support for Canadian Cancer Survivors and their families. Completely volunteer based, one hundred percent (100%) of all donated funds are directed to our benefactor and partner - the Wellspring network of cancer support centres. 

Wellspring Calgary

Cancervive originally began as a partnership established with Wellspring Calgary. (  Over time, Cancervive has been proud to add riders from other communities and through their involvement is now supporting Wellspring centres in Edmonton and Toronto.   A community-based network of centres, Wellspring provides a wide range of cancer support programs and services to serve the emotional, social, and informational needs of people living with cancer, and those who care for them. Wellspring programs are provided at no cost to the user.

Mission Statement

Working together in support of those living with and surviving beyond cancer.

The Cancervive Warrior Program

The journey through cancer treatment can be a spiritual drain on patients and their families. The Warrior Program offers some relief and at the same time gives a dose of hope and inspiration. 

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