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Asked Questions


1.     What is Cancervive’s purpose?

Cancervive provides fundraising and support for local cancer survivorship programs. The main benefactor is Wellspring Calgary -  a local community support centre for cancer patients and their families, which opened its new facility in June 2009.  We are also supporting Wellspring Edmonton this year.

History of the ride.


During the spring of 2005, a group of friends from Calgary decided to organize a cycling trip to Austin, Texas.  Their purpose was to arrive in time to participate in LIVEstrong’s annual fundraising cycling event and, in the process, raise funds for cancer survivorship programs.  The idea rapidly spread and the Calgary to Austin Peloton Project (CTAPP) was established, known today as the Cancervive Peloton Project (CPP).

From these humble beginnings, the project rapidly expanded to an annual event of 30 riders completing the journey and raising to date almost $2MM for programs and services at Wellspring Calgary.

In 2007, we established the Cancervive Foundation of Alberta to allow for the continued expansion of the project, the associated fundraising events and the Warrior Program.

The ride went to Philadelphia in August 2008 and to San Jose in July 2009, and back to Austin in 2010 and 2011, and to Lewiston, Maine (Dempsey Challenge) in October 2012.

We introduced the Cancervive Challenge Ride in 2010.

The Warrior Program is a very important part of Cancervive.  The purpose for this program is to give the Warriors a reprieve from their treatment and, at the same time, deliver some hope and inspiration. A reinforced mind is the most powerful tool in the battle against cancer.

Support for Cancervive is through sponsorship, donations and participation in our fundraising events including:

* Annual Fundraising Party - Saturday April 30, 2016 

* Braveheart Golf Tournament  – Monday September 26, 2016

 We also provide assistance for individuals who want to organize and run their own individual third party fundraising events.

Tour du Cancervive 2016

This is the third year that the ride will take place in Alberta for the entire event and it will happen from September 7-11, 2016.  Our ride will start in Calgary and also finish in Calgary at Wellspring Calgary's Carma House.  It is a 5-day bike event, making stops in High River, Pincher Creek, Lethbridge and Brooks.  The final day includes a shorter ride from Chestermere to Calgary. 

There are only a limited number of spots available and all funds raised will go to either Wellspring Calgary or Wellspring Edmonton.  Minimum fundraising level of $2,500 is required.  Riders who would like to sponsor a warrior are encouraged to fundraise an additional $500 and that gives their warrior the option to join the ride on the last day.   Anyone is welcome to join us for the last day ride but we do ask for a $500 fundraising commitment.


2.    Where does my donation go?

One hundred percent (100%) of all donations benefit cancer survivors and people who are undergoing treatment for cancer. Over the past 11 years, Cancervive contributed more than $2,000,000 to Wellspring Calgary. Wellspring has established seven facilities in Ontario and opened in Calgary in March 2007, moving to its new facility in June 2009.  Wellspring Edmonton is in the final stages of construction and hopes to start offering programs in September 2016.  Participants of the Tour du Cancervive can chose either Wellspring Calgary or Wellspring Edmonton as their beneficiary centre.


3.     Does my donation stay in Canada?

Yes.  Wellspring is a network of cancer centres across Canada.  Riders can raise funds in support of their local centre. 


4.     Who pays for the expenses of Cancervive events such as the Golf tournament and the Tour du Cancervive?

Corporate sponsors, participant entry fees and auction items provide all the funds to cover the costs of our fundraising efforts. We would encourage everyone to support these sponsors, as they are the driving force behind Cancervive's success.

 5.     Why the change to the Tour du Cancervive 2016?

The last 2 years our rides in Alberta were a great success.  We hope to continue to provide locals rides for future years and help create more awareness for both Wellspring Calgary and Wellspring Edmonton.


6.     What is the Cancervive Warrior Program?

Cancervive launched the Warrior program in 2005 when the organization flew a person who was undergoing cancer treatment to Austin, Texas, to participate in the charity ride hosted by the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

This reprieve from the stresses of cancer treatment, along with the ability to participate in an event with other cancer survivors, was a very uplifting experience for our first Warrior in 2005. In 2006, Cancervive expanded this program to include 17 Warriors. The Warrior Program is an important part of the Peloton Project. Since the beginning, Cancervive has had 155 warriors, with the youngest being only 2 years old and the oldest 83.

7. Does Cancervive support cancer research?

No. While cancer research is a very good cause, Cancervive focuses on helping Canadian cancer survivors directly.

8. Is the Tour du Cancervive roster full for 2016?

No, there is still room in the roster for 2016.   Volunteer positions for the Tour du Cancervive are all filled.  You can attend our events and help us fundraise. Cancervive events always depend on volunteers, and we take note of those who have spent time volunteering in support of our organization.

9. How do I apply to become a Tour du Cancervive rider?

Our application forms are available on our website.  If you are interested in becoming a rider, please complete the form or get in touch with the General Manager to set up an appointment.

10. What commitment is required to be part of the Tour du Cancervive ride?

The commitment is to fundraise for Cancer survivorship. The ride itself is the reward for the hard work throughout the year.

Each individual must meet a minimum fundraising commitment of $2,500. Other expectations are: volunteering for Cancervive events; participating in group cycling practices; organizing your own fundraising event; and taking responsibility for your cancer Warrior (if you choose to select a Warrior).

Beyond the volunteer time commitment to support the goals of Cancervive, riders must also prepare physically and mentally for a 5-day cycling adventure. We are there to help with preparations, but it takes a dedicated effort to ensure the Team is ready to go when the time comes.

11. Can I sign up for a portion of the ride if I can’t commit to the full 5 days?

Yes you can definitely join us anywhere on the route, but you are responsible for getting yourself to that particular location as we only provide transportation for our group on the departure day.    We encourage you to commit to the full 5 days as your fundraising commitment level will be the same regardless of when you join the group.

If you are interested in joining us on for the last day ride only, your fundraising commitment is $500 and you will meet us in Chestermere on Sunday morning.  You will enjoy a beautiful ride from Chestermere to Wellspring Calgary (on the bike paths) followed by a Welcome Home Reception.

12. What about friends and family?

Everyone is welcome to participate and sign up.  The more, the merrier.

13. Is your charity associated with the Ride to Conquer Cancer?

No. There are other cancer related fundraising groups that have cycling as one of their components. Cancervive is a local grassroots organization that is volunteer based. We do not allocate budget for advertising or promotional campaigns. We are also not a charity – we remain a foundation so that we can minimize overhead.

While we do appreciate donations of all sizes, we are just as interested in the personal involvement  each volunteer puts forward.

14. How can I get more information?

E-mail us at or call (403) 521-5292 ext 308.  We would love to hear from you.

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