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Message from the Founder

The toughest part of my experience with cancer was the loss of control over my life – my family, my friends and the evolution of Cancervive help me get through those dark days.

It all started on my first day of Chemotherapy. Lance Armstrong was in Calgary for a fundraiser on my first day in the hospital. His plans included a visit to the cancer clinic and because my wife had been so nice to the administration they decided that it might benefit my family to meet him personally. The 20 minutes we had alone with him was all the inspiration we needed to get through what lay ahead. At that point we decided to focus beyond the treatment and recovery and instead focus on a reciprocal visit the following year to Austin as participants in Lance Armstrong’s annual fundraising cycling event – the LIVESTRONG™ Challenge.

We were not prepared for the dark days that occurred post treatment but the goal of Austin kept us distracted and focused. Austin gave us something to train for and something to fundraise for. When the weekend did finally arrive and I did get to meet with Lance again I finally achieved what I had lost – control of my life.  The entire Austin weekend was a celebration of life and the feeling that overcame us was one that was too good to share. What better way to share it than to bring more people to Austin and riding our bikes to Austin just seemed like the logical thing to do. From there everything just seemed to fall into place.

The greatest tool in the fight against cancer is the strength of the empowered mind.  Once you get good people involved with open minds and hearts anything can happen.

Brian McGregor

Cancer Warrior and Cancervive Founder 

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