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Warrior Program

Warrior Program

The Cancervive Warrior Program embodies the organization, the riders, volunteers and any others who have impacted Cancervive. Warriors are the special guests of the Cancervive cyclists. The journey through cancer treatment can be a spiritual drain on patients and their families. The Warrior Program offers some relief and at the same time gives a dose of hope and inspiration. A rider is encouraged to sponsor a warrior and have him or her participate in the last day of the ride with them and celebrate Survivorship. The effort has impacted many people, young and old in many different ways.

A Cancervive Warrior is someone who has fought or is fighting the battle against cancer.



I was part of the 2012 Ride to Maine.  I was honoured to be asked by my rider Kathryn Jeans and was so so excited to attend the event and travel to Maine.  It was going to be part of my cancer healing.  Instead, just 4 weeks before the ride, i was heartbroken to learn that I had a new cancer in my liver. But LIFE unfolds in the most beautiful ways……instead of being in Maine physically, the 2012 Peleton riders and support crew kept me part of the experience with daily  emails; text messages; and pictures sent to my hospital room.  I gained many new friends and felt loved from afar.  And so began a new journey of healing.

Cancervive 2012 offered support and friendship and inspired me to keep going on my journey with cancer.  Thank you!

Survival and the battle for it, was what the Maine weekend was all about. Cancer was made the victim and we (the victors and the fighters) were treated like the conquering heroes, thank you Cherylandthank you Wellspring, I’ll never forget it.

A cancer diagnosis turns your whole world upside down. Thankfully there is Wellspring - where slowly you can find your balance and regain your footing. 

Wellspring isn't just a place to go to help deal with cancer - it's a place to go to move beyond the fear and to gain a better sense of confidence and control.

Wellspring is the "life jacket" to help to keep you afloat during the cancer journey - you may be able to survive without it, but it will make your experience so much easier. 

As a Cancervive warrior I am very grateful for the experience, it gave me an opportunity to leave all the stresses of Cancer treatment behind, have fun and meet some great caring people .

A surreal yet so very real experience.  One that has left me with memories of strength, courage and compassion.  Honoured to have been able to participate

A truly remarkable feat by our awesome courageous cyclists, culminating in a weekend in Austin that was full of hope, love and inspiration........a most amazing experience

Cancervive is like a gift for those who need inspiration, camaraderie and support in the fight against cancer.

It's always humbling to be reminded of the strength, courage and love that is all around us. 



2007 Warrior Program Celebration

Celebrate the excitement as Warriors and Riders come together in Austin!

Warrior Excerpts:

Heartfelt connection

I just want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for this unforgettable experience, for your tireless efforts and your dedication to those of us living with, and beyond, the

experience of cancer.
To all of the Warriors: I am honoured to be part of such an amazing group of people who live their lives with such passion and commitment. Our overlapping journeys clearly demonstrate that we are

all connected at the heart.

Maureen: I am honoured and feel privileged to have been your Warrior.

Pat: How can I ever thank you for disassembling, assembling, disassembling… my bike? Although, poolside was a great idea!

Hugs to all of you,

Constance O’Laughin, Cancer

Strength in numbers

I have enjoyed reading all the messages of appreciation and gratitude and wanted to add my own.

I learned very early on in my diagnosis that much of the struggle I would need to take on myself. But I soon realized that I had many friends, family and people in the community to help lift that burden.

One such person is my rider, Tye, who helped me put one foot in front of the other and cheer me on to get my body moving again.
I am also in deep gratitude to you, Brian, for having a vision and for all the riders and supporters who make it happen each year. I was truly blessed to be a part of it and to be able to share my experience with my companion, Mike.

I’ve never rode a road bike before, certainly not for 45 miles. It wasn't pretty, but I smiled the whole way. I can't describe the feeling of riding through the finish... a survivor – one of thousands out to show support for one another and for the cause.

Thank you for allowing me to feel so incredibly happy again.

Laurelle Brawner, Cancer Warrior

Newfound inspiration

It really is amazing to hear the feedback from each of you about the fantastic weekend adventure we all shared. Both Deb and I share similar feelings and want to thank everyone involved with CTAPP in making this happen. When our rider, Pam Hauck, asked us to join her, I had some misgivings about going simply due to not having the trust in my own abilities to make it happen.
I wasn't eating any solid foods, barely drinking any liquids, no exercise and generally feeling pretty crappy about my situation. When I did agree to go, I gained newfound inspiration to make myself eat, drink and get involved with things I enjoyed doing such as golf. Since that time, some 8 months ago, I have played a number of rounds of golf, started eating solid foods, culminating in eating the Mexican meal in San Antonio and having that first whiskey in 2 years on the roof of the bar in the Austin "red mile" district.

I did the 5K walk and the 10K bike ride because I knew I had to do it to complete the journey. I am now thinking of going back to work some 4 months ahead of schedule; and I believe much of this  can be attributed to my involvement in Cancervive. Thanks again to everyone involved.

One last thing that perhaps we could do as survivors and champions of this cause is to write a letter to your oncologist who was with us every step of the way during our fight against this awful  disease.

I was thinking, these individuals save our lives with their dedication and hard work, and we never seem to hear from them or talk to them again after we leave their care. Without them, many of us may not have been here to enjoy the LIVESTRONGTM weekend; and I think they would be thrilled to hear about our progress and the event.

Again, thanks to you all and RIDE ON CTAPP, RIDE ON!

Dan Kilburn, Cancer Warrior


The best cancer treatment so far!

Hi to you all: riders and Warriors, volunteers, supporters, sponsors and absolutely everyone else who helped make the LIVESTRONGTM
weekend so enjoyable for me and the other Warriors!

I never thought I could ride a bike for 10 miles after what I have been through in the last three years now fighting cancer. But I did it, and I was having fun while doing it! It was such a great feeling of accomplishment. Making it through the finish line and hearing all the cheers and bells, I felt like a champion who won Tour de France!!

There was so much positive energy that I could feel in the air. This weekend was by far the best cancer treatment that I've received so far!

Thank you:

• Sponsors for supporting our cause and making it all possible;

• Brian McGregor for putting CTAPP on the map;

• Mike Crape for being my rider and sponsor, and giving me an opportunity to be a part of such a great and inspiring event;

• Riders for inspiring us Warriors with your amazing effort biking down to Austin night and day, sunshine and rain;

• Volunteers for your amazing support, effort and dedication;

• Warriors for inspiring me to keep my chin up and keep fighting my cancer battles with a smile on my face;

• Maureen and girls for helping me with shopping for my wife (it worked);

• Paula N. (what are you doing in there? : ) ) for making me laugh all the time – laugh a day keeps cancer away;

• John F. Vanessa, and Sheila for having everything organized and going smoothly for us;

• To All of You I did not mention (I cannot remember names – chemo brain) – Thank You… You are incredible people!

It was a privilege to be there with all of you. Cancer will never take these great memories away from me.


Velibor Dopudj, Cancer Warrior


A fun, emotional time for us all!

Thanks to everyone associated with the entire event. As (Team 1) Laurel’s Warrior, I was made to feel most welcome to CTAPP/Cancervive, and just had a fabulous time, culminating in a great 45.5 mile ride Sunday. I should have gone 60… Oh well!

The flight delays weren’t as bad as I feared, but it did mean my drive to Edmonton was going to be just a bit more challenging. So, off I went at 11:50 p.m. – north on QE2, triple espresso in hand, heavy metal blasting on the CD player, few cars, one deer road kill remnants, and tons of clear, starry skies.

It was a great pleasure for me to be a part of this; you and your organizing committee deserve a lot of kudos for providing a well run, fun, emotional time for us all. What the riders did for their 8 days is inspiring and quite spectacular… congrats to y’all!!!

As I tucked in under the covers at 2:45 a.m., I was smiling – remembering going through the survivor chute at Drippin' feeling like a champ! I smiled also about riding the with Laurel and thinking of her mom, Kathy, who I reluctantly substituted in for; talking with so many other riders along our route and the “fans”; and about how cool it was to be riding with my friend Bruce Butler, a Grade 1 classmate from Parkview Elementary in Edmonton, who lives in Austin and became a CTAPPer for a day.

Thank you to Laurel for inviting me, to y’all for including me. I look forward to meeting you all again one day. Good luck in the move to make this next phase of growing this event. You are truly on the cusp of something that will be huge one day… Ride on!
Maybe I’ll have to get on a team one year!

I was also smiling at my arm warmers: “Up Yours, Cancer”…indeed!!!

With warm regards,

David Hopkins, Cancer Warrior


Family blessings

Dear Brian and all the other wonderful people (volunteers, riders, other Warriors and companions) that made our weekend such a success.

Words cannot describe how special this past weekend was for our family. Arthur (and Cindy): you made us feel so welcomed and cared for. Bryce will truly cherish the Canadian flag he received and  wants to know how old he has to be before he can do the ride himself.

Thank you also to all the wonderful people who thought to include not only Bryce but Sarah in all the "special" things. It was such an honour to meet everyone and share such a special experience. The four of us came home inspired, thankful and feeling very fortunate to have been part of something that truly is about caring for others.

Thank you so very much!

Bryce (10 year-old Cancer Warrior), Sarah, Ed and
Jennifer Palichuk 


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