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Cancervive was on BT Calgary!

Promoting the Cause 

Here's us about to go live on Breakfast Televison Calgary earlier this morning to talk Wellspring Calgary/Edmonton & Tour de Cancervive.  From left to right: CancerviveAB Founder and two-time cancer survivor Brian McGregor, President Heather Friesen, GM Peggy Brosens, warrior and two-time cancer survivor Greg McBroom. Also in attendance with her bike was rider Kim McNeil (not shown). Thanks guys for showing up so early with your hot rides to help get the word out. Thanks to Andrew Schultz for speaking with us. 


If you missed the segment, you can watch it here:

If you'd like to donate to help bring FREE programs to those surviving cancer, go to this link, pick a rider, and donate!  Every dollar goes towards bringing program offerings to those who need them.

Thanks for the support,

The Cancervive Team 

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