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Saturday 11 July - Road to Nepal Loop

With short notice and in the midst of Stampede and vacation time,  my planned group ride became an opportunity for my first solo ride.  It was a great morning to ride this circuit - 53 km from The Third Academy on 22X.    Kim was to ride with me but as she was doing up her shoes - had a catastrophic equipment failure - missing screws attaching her clip to her shoe - aarrgghhh!. This route is popular and there were others on the road.  While following a group of four I recognized a familiar blue jersey up ahead.  Turned out one rider was a three (3) time Cancervive alum - Chris.  Very inspiring. Looking forward to more rides ahead!!  Onward ever onward!!


So sorry for my lateness and mechanical that prevented me from riding with you Purdy. Hopefully we can ride again together with a bigger group soon!

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