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Cancervive Challenge 2010

The Cancervive Challenge Program was introduced in 2010 as an additional program of Cancervive.  It was established to give warriors and their friends and family the opportunity to support Cancervive and set a physical goal for themselves.  The riders trained all year long in and around Calgary, and flew to Austin, Texas on Thursday October 21, 2010.  They spent the weekend with the Peloton Riders in Austin, and participated in the one-day LIVESTRONG™ Challenge ride on Sunday October 24, 2010.  Distances range from 10-90 miles, in the Drippings Springs area just outside of Austin, Texas.

Our group of Challenge Riders for 2010:

Alan Rees
Ashley Emery
Barbara Cunnings-Versaevel(*)
Brian McGregor(*)
Bruce Stewart-Smith
Carol  Emms(*)
Catherine Suzanne(*)
Charlene  Owen
Cheryl Hendry
Eleanor & Howard Nakamura
Erik Dumas
Evan  McGregor
Giovanna (Jo) Oliverio(*)
Glen Gorrie
Greg Alvas
Heather Alvas(*)
Jacquie Laurie(*)
Jennifer Hawkins(*)
Judy Collins
Judy Birdsell
Kathy Hadley(*)
Kevin Pasenau(*)
Laurelle Larson(*)
Lois Silverthorne(*)
Loretta Young(*)
Lynn Jenkins(*)
Margie Kennedy(*)
Maureen  McGregor
Maurice Walch(*)
Mitch Schinnour
Monica Santiago
Norbert Hollman
Patti Morris
Paul Pearlman
Peggy  Ronald
Peter Mercier
Peter Mercier
Rita Gore(*)
Ron  Whitford
Roy and Teresa Smith(*)
Shae Walker(*)
Susan Walch
Thomas Hadley
Trudy Boyle(*)
Valerie Nontell(*)
Vanessa Fischbuch(*)

(*) - Cancer Survivors

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