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The First Rider Meeting - Thursday 25 June 2015

The first rider meeting for the 2015 Cancervive Ride took place last night at Wellspring.  It was great.  We were approximately a dozen in attendance including Cancervive Board members, riders - some who have done this ride before and some first time riders - that would be me.... amongst others and volunteers, so crucial to making this happen.  There are 27 riders registered (of a maximum of 40) - you still have  time to make that decision to do this too.......   One of my fellow riders had recently lost her father to cancer and though my cancer journey goes back a few years, it was touching to hear about her reason for signing up and simply said once again reinforced my decision to do this.  It was a full agenda and Peggy did a great job telling us all about what to expect.    It was great to meet those in attendance and I'm looking forward to the group rides planned and getting to know all of the people involved in this year's ride.  I have been out in this beautiful weather cycling to work and getting out on some longer rides on the weekends.  We've been very fortunate with the weather!   Ride on!!


Thanks for coming out! It was nice to see everyone there too.

Thanks Purdy for joining this year's ride and helping to raise funds for Wellspring Calgary. We are very excited about this year's ride and we have a few spots open for riders and volunteers!!
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With short notice, Stampede and prime holiday time Kim and I were 'the group ride' Saturday. We were almost all ready to start when Kim had a catastrophic equipment failure - aka missing screws on her shoe clip - arghhhh. I had a choice and this opportunity to do my very first solo ride - little scary to start but there were actually a number of riders on the road and was just a little busy along 549. I was cycling behind a small group in which there was a familiar jersy; I met a three (3) time Tour du Cancervive alum - Chris. Inspiring. The weather was pretty darn near perfect - not too hot or too windy and I was back at the car by 11:40 am. Maybe a little earlier start next time. Looking forward to more rides ahead. Ride on!

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