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2012 Peloton Project

38 riders left from Wellspring Calgary on October 3, 2012 with their final destination Lewiston, Maine and the Dempsey Challenge.  It was a challenging ride: weather, road conditions, traffic.  After 9 days they arrived in Lewiston where they were welcomed by Patrick Dempsey and everyone from the Dempsey Centre and residents of Auburn and Lewiston, along with all the warriors, challenge riders and other guests from Cancervive.

This was Cancervive's first year participating in the Dempsey Challenge!


2012 Peloton Riders:

Kerry Appleton   -   Warrior: Andy Winslow

Doug Campbell

Alain Campea   -   Warrior: Jasmine Krupinski

Lisa Campfens

Marshall Cole

Heather Cooper

Sandy Coull   -   Warrior: Debbie Travis

Gwen Dawes Harker

Heather Dougall

Tom Ebbern

John Flegg

Heather Friesen   -   Warrior: Shae Walker

Shane Friesen  

Bill Gilliland   -   Warrior: Jennifer Fong-Turner & Family

Lavina Gilliland   -   Warrior: Jennifer Fong-Turner & Family

Andrew Harker

David Holgate   -   Warrior: Ginger Ellard

Anjali Inman (Coyle)   -   Warrior: Shelley Kunzel

Keith Inman   -   Warrior: Shelley Kunzel

Kathryn Jeans   -   Warrior: Nicola Roe

David Johnson   -   Warrior: Laurie Johnston

Alison Jones

Darrell Jones

Steve Lilly

Scott Linklater   -   Warrior: Marilyn Nakama

Martha Macdonnell

David MacGregor   -   Warrior: Brooke Patton

Valerie Nontell

Cheryl-Ann Orr   -   Warrior: Jamie Treadgold and Jacquie Wiart-Lapp

Peggy Pankhurst-Brosens    -    Warrior: Terri Dowling

Kevin Pasenau   -   Warrior: Kevin Yorston

Richard Raap   -   Warrior: Nigel Brockton

Randy Schram   -   Warrior: Cody Lenz

Jennifer Scott   -   Warrior: Ginger Ellard

Laurel Shuttleworth   -   Warrior: Ken Lane

Rick Wolcott

Nancy Wright   -   Warrior: Joanne Olsen

Steven Wright    -   Warrior: Karla Laing

Tom Zavesiczky


TEAM 1: John Flegg, Rick Wolcott, Kevin Pasenau, Marshall Cole, David Johnson, David MacGregor, Cheryl-Ann Orr

TEAM 2:Bill Gilliland, Lavina Gilliland, Keith Inman, Anjali Coyle, Dave Holgate, Jenny Scott, Lisa Campfens, Andy Bailes

TEAM 3: Heather Friesen, Shane Friesen, Andrew Harker, Gwen Dawes Harker, Kathryn Jeans, Scott Linklater, Martha Macdonnell

TEAM 4: Tom Ebbern, Tom Zavesiczky, Darrell Jones, Alison Jones, Richard Raap, Steven Wright

TEAM 5: Laurel Shuttleworth, Sandy Coull, Steve Lilly, Alain Campea, Peggy Pankhurst-Brosens, Kerry Appleton, Randy Schram

AMBASSADOR TEAM: Nancy Wright, Doug Campbell, Heather Cooper, Heather Dougall and Valerie Nontell


MOTORHOME VOLUNTEERS: Vanessa, Mike, Fred, Claudia, Ken, Terry, Rick and Gregg

AMBULANCE VOLUNTEERS: Kevin, Diana, Garry, Erin, Shaine, Ilene, Ron and Sara


MEDIA: Ramsey, Jayson and Johny




2012 Pe


I have a couple of questions for Team Defy.....What happened on the ride prior to Deluth and is Val still making Doug pay for his own beer?

Thinking of you every minute of your ride.

Go Team Go!!!!



Hi All,

What a challenging ride you all have been facing!  As often as we all pray for sunshine and clear roads for you, you continue to face whatever comes your way - with the pride and determination of all of us supporting you!  Your comraderie must be double while you push forward.  Stay safe and healthy and determined!  I am so amazed and proud of what you give.

Cheers... Karen (the belated blogger!)

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