The 2018 Cancervive Cycle Tour

Update:   The Sept 11-16 Tour was a Success!                                                             

Over the past 12 years, the Cancervive Foundation of Alberta has raised awareness for Alberta Wellspring centres.  Wellspring is a non-profit organization that offers free support programs and resources to those affected by cancer.  The Cancervive Cycle Tour was created by a cancer survivor to bring awareness to Wellspring Calgary and Wellspring Edmonton. 

Cancervive and Wellspring want to sincerely thank are riders, volunteers, donors and sponsors for another excellent year.   It was a challenging 6 days with many hills to climb and adverse weather conditions but we pulled through safely.

Our Cancervive community of cyclists and volunteers continue to take part in the Tour every year because they believe Cancer is a journey, and we arrange cycling events so that no one has to face cancer alone.  

Learn more about the Tour HERE

In 2017, we celebrated Canada’s 150th with a ride through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Watch a video of the Tour where the music, lyrics, and videography were provided by members of the extended Cancervive family. 




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All photographs by Cheryl-Ann Orr, Cancervive Cyclist and Volunteer.