Clubb, John

Today’s warrior is John Clubb.  John joined Cancervive in 2015 as a new rider and sees it as a great addition to his Ironman training. He’s off to Louisville, Kentucky in October 2015 to complete his 6th Ironman! Since being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014, John was excited to learn from the doctor that he should keep doing what he’s doing. So that’s exactly what he’s done and more. Earlier in the year he clocked a personal best of 2:48 (chip time) in the Boston Marathon. (See the photo for his reaction at the end.)

One of John’s major fundraising supporters has been the Cochrane Rangers Soccer Club. Thanks to them for supporting one of our own! John hopes that his dedication and training raises further awareness of Cancervive and Wellspring and the work they do to support others living with cancer.

Congratulations on all your success in the water, on the bike, and on the road John. You’re an inspiration to many of us. It just goes to show excuses hold us back from doing so much. When you drop your story and your excuses you can push the boundaries of what the physical body can do and accomplish great things, like 6 Ironman finishes.


Szkwarok, Patti

Today we’re sharing the story of an Edmonton rider who rode in support of Wellspring Edmonton in the 2015 and 2016 Cancervive Cycle Tours. Patti Szkwarok is a cancer survivor taking part in the ride so that others like her will have a place in Edmonton where they can face their cancer together.

Patti is a cancer survivor, six years strong. She believe strongly that while we may not be able to control if or when cancer will return, we do however have a say on how we choose to live with cancer.

While the Tour du Cancervive was her first road bike tour and was definitely her toughest physical challenge to date, she knew it wasn’t a race. Rather it represented to her hope to those like her living with cancer that you “can survive” and lead a happy and healthy life – with a little help from her family, friends, colleagues, professionals and fellow survivors.

With her support, she believes that Wellspring Edmonton, through its programs and services, will assist all cancer survivors and their families in overcoming the obstacles of cancer, with confidence and absence of fear.

Congratulations Patti for completing your first Tour! You’re an inspiration to the rest of the riders and to those living with cancer who might want to follow in your footsteps one day.

The Cancervive Family

Pankhurst-Brosens, Peggy

Welcome to this week’s Friday Faces of Cancervive post. Each week we’ll share a story about a Cancervive supporter, volunteer, rider, or warrior. Check back each week to find about another wonderful person from our community.

Today’s shout out goes to Pankhurst-Brosens. Peggy is General Manager for Cancervive but we love her for many, many, many other reasons.

Peggy has been involved with Wellspring Calgary since the beginning and even before that, working with John Stephure. Brian McGregor, Founder of Cancervive, was on the Wellspring Calgary Board of Directors so she learned about Cancervive in 2005. Peggy started working for Cancervive in October 2008 and has been enjoying every single minute of it. She volunteered on the road in 2010 to Austin, did the ride to Austin in 2011 and in 2012 to Maine. She remembers that experience as having the most amazing group of riders and volunteers she has ever met!

Peggy’s friend and neighbor Terri was her warrior in 2012. Sadly, Terri passed away on January 15, 2013, a story that’s all too familiar. Terri was her motivation throughout the ride to Maine; it was her honour to spend the weekend with her and her family. She will always be Peggy’s hero.

Thanks for keeping us moving forward, Peggy! Your dedication to the cause is infectious. We need more wonderful people like you!

The CancerviveAB Team

Ian Loughran

Loughran, Ian

Ian Loughran

Today we introduce you to Ian Loughran.  On November 14th, 2005 Ian’s life changed forever; he was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Ian started chemotherapy that very evening.  After 20 sessions of radiation tests showed the tumour had stopped growing.  That was August 2006, the same year he was approached by Jim Perry to be his warrior for Cancervive (called CTAPP at the time).  Ian jumped at the opportunity and went down to Austin to participate in the Livestrong Challenge ride.
In Oct 2006 he road 70 miles (115 km) on his bike in Austin with zero training in very hot weather…..his attitude was “I just beat cancer and I am not going to let this get in my way.”  He rode again with Cancervive in 2007 and 2008 and then volunteered for the Cancervive board and for Wellspring in a few capacities.
To this day Ian still rides ~200 km per week and is feeling stronger and healthier than ever.   Ian is going into his 9th year of being cancer-free; he feels lucky and extremely grateful to be here.  He moved to Saskachewan in 2009 and has been missing Cancervive and Wellspring immensely.
We miss you too Ian!  You’re a inspiration to others who’ve ever thought about giving up.  You’ve shown us limits are really only in our heads.  Thanks for all you do and who you are.
The Cancervive Family

McGregor, Brian



Our Founder and two-time cancer survivor Brian McGregor could be called ‘The Father of Cancervive.’  Brian’s life was forever changed in 2003 by a diagnosis of testicular cancer.  A chance meeting with Lance Armstrong, riding in Armstrong’s Austin charity ride in 2004, and support of his family and friends were the catalysts for Cancervive.

The first Cancervive ride was ten years ago in 2005 when Brian and his friends decided to ride from Calgary to Austin. From there Cancervive has grown into an annual ride attracting hundreds of participants over the years. After a few years abroad Brian is back in Calgary. We’re excited to say he will be riding with us again in this year’s Tour de Cancervive!

Thank you Brian, we truly wouldn’t be here without you. Maybe we should call you ‘The Godfather’ of Cancervive instead; your unwavering dedication towards a goal, determination, guts, and fearlessness in facing cancer are inspiring. In a way you made us an offer we couldn’t refuse – that’s why we ride with you.  😉 Go easy on us out on the roads this September.

The Cancervive Family