Tom Ebbern

Ebbern, Tom

Tom is one of the veterans.  He was one of the first board members with Wellspring Calgary and is still on one of their committees.  Both Tom and his wife Linda have been very supportive of Wellspring and Cancervive over the past several years with Linda volunteering and Tom riding on our tours.

Tom is probably the most ridden, longest standing supporter of Cancervive always ready to help others whether that’s by meeting their fundraising goals or by encouraging them from the bike.  Tom is a great ambassador and an all-around great guy with an infectious smile that rubs off on everyone.  Of course, many of us only get to see his back wheel as he pedals past us up the hills.  His dedication to the sport of cycling and to a healthy lifestyle, and for his zest for travel, are inspiring and motivating to say the least.

We’re lucky to call Tom part of our family.