Ryan MacArthur

MacArthur, Ryan

Meet CN Police Constable Ryan MacArthur.  Ryan volunteered for Cancervive Cycle Tour for the first time in 2016.  As a member of our medic team, he was an indispensable member of the group.  We made such a good impression on Ryan that he decided to come back in 2017, this time as a rider!

Ryan was profiled in last year’s CN Spotlight (Oct 2016, page 5).  You can read about Ryan’s story and Cancervive 2016 experience here.

You can support Ryan as he gets ready to ride 600km with us through Banff National Park and foothills of Southern Alberta by donating here.


Patti Morris

Morris, Patti

Not only is Patti an extended family member of Cancervive and a rider in our annual Cancervive Cycle Tour several times over, she is also the Executive Director of one of our beneficiaries, Wellspring Calgary.

Cancer entered Patti’s life when her dad was diagnosed at 57.  He rallied.  Her family rallied.  Sadly, he was diagnosed very late in the game and he died when he was 58. Since then, like so many others, too many people Patti knows and loves have been impacted by cancer.

When John Stephure, a mentor and former colleague, told Patti that he, Rita, and Barbara were working to open a centre called Wellspring Calgary, she was interested. It made sense to her. She knew there was a need for people living with cancer – both those diagnosed and those who love and care for them – to receive support to address the issues and challenges that cancer brings.

Since opening our doors, ten years ago, Patti and the rest of the team at Wellspring Calgary have been profoundly aware of the privilege they have in walking this path with others. They have also been deeply mindful of the remarkable human beings they have been so fortunate to meet and get to know. They watch in awe, the strength their members summon and the resilience they exemplify.

And so, as they mark this ten-year milestone, Patti is joining the 6-day Cancervive Cycle Tour 2017 Challenge, and she invites you to join with her. This is personal for Patti.  She rides to celebrate all of the remarkable human beings who have walked this path and who will walk this path.  She rides to demonstrate her support for all those who are currently managing through cancer and to all those who are so sadly not with us any longer.  She rides to ensure that people have access to free, evidence-informed programs, resources, and support when they need them most – now from 2 centres in Calgary and soon, even more accessible to those across southern Alberta.

Patti invites you to join her on this personal journey to help her reach her fundraising goal of $10,000 as Wellspring celebrates 10 years of serving the community:


Congratulations Patti!