Mitchell, Vic

Vic Mitchell is one of our newest Cancervive Cycle Tour riders.  In fact, in 2018 he’ll be our sole rider representing and raising money for Wellspring Edmonton and man, is he representing!  Vic had the goal to raise $10 for every 690 km hell ride in the 2018 Tour for a total of $6900.  He blew that goal out of the water.

In an interview with Wellspring Edmonton, Vic said he likens his participation in the Tour to being part of a choir.  “You’re leaving all the baggage of life behind you, you’re just enjoying yourself and relaxing. It’s so therapeutic to just forget the things that are on your mind.”

You can read more of Vic’s interview in the Wellspring Edmonton Volunteer Spotlight here.

Welcome to our cycling choir, Vic.  We’re going to rely on you to keep us in tune. Enthusiasm, we have. Musical prowess, not so much.

Duckett, Diane

Diane is a new Cancervive Cycle Tour rider for 2018.  She comes to with a fresh perspective on her cancer diagnosis, a diagnosis she says allowed her to enjoy one of the best years of her life.

Here’s what Diane had to say about why she rides, even to her chemo treatment:

“In November 2016 I returned from a huge ride down the California Coast. I was healthy and strong. A couple of days later, a routine check-up revealed a breast lump. By Christmas, I’d had a biopsy, diagnosis and surgery appointment. Aggressive, invasive cancer… Twelve weeks of chemo followed by radiation and hormone blocker pills daily. How life can change. I approached the news with positivity and optimism. I saw the cancer and treatment as a blip, an inconvenience and also an opportunity. I attended art sessions at Wellspring and painted memory boxes for my children. I swam throughout the chemo period and rode my bike on a beautiful journey 30 km return to my 19 radiation appointments, enjoying a part of Calgary that I was usually too busy to notice. To top off the year I cycled from Madrid to Porto, then up the Camino de Santiago. I lost my hair and felt a little rough but all in the name of moving on to a healthier future. “And this too shall pass”. How true. Hopefully, the cancer stays away. If not, I know that Wellspring is there for me and all the other folk facing a cancer journey.”

Welcome to the Cancervive family, Diane.  We’re proud to be able to ride some of those glorious kms with you on this year’s Tour.