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Mitchell, Vic

Vic Mitchell is one of our newest Cancervive Cycle Tour riders.  In fact, in 2018 he’ll be our sole rider representing and raising money for Wellspring Edmonton and man, is he representing!  Vic had the goal to raise $10 for every 690 km hell ride in the 2018 Tour for a total of $6900.  He […]

Duckett, Diane

Diane is a new Cancervive Cycle Tour rider for 2018.  She comes to with a fresh perspective on her cancer diagnosis, a diagnosis she says allowed her to enjoy one of the best years of her life. Here’s what Diane had to say about why she rides, even to her chemo treatment: “In November 2016 I returned […]

Deans, Rick

—- Wake up. Kick butt. Repeat. — That’s what it says on Rick’s t-shirt.   We think it’s a great motto for Cancervive Cycle Tour riders; we’re proud to say Rick will be one of them for the first time this year.   Rick repeated this mantra while he was going through cancer treatment last […]

Sasabe, Motoko

Introducing one of the newest members of the Cancervive family, Motoko Sasabe.  From Osaka, Japan, Motoko a dedicated cyclist always willing to help support and build up newer riders.  She is also has a great sense of humour and bakes a mean madeleine.  We should know, we’ve been lucky enough to try her baking. Here’s what […]

Boivin, Sylvie

Faces of Cancervive :: Meet Sylvie Boivin, one of our newer but no less inspiring Cancervive Cycle Tour riders. Sylvie road with us on the Tour for the first time in 2016 and will be joining us again this year. We were grateful because it meant we could celebrate her birthday with her – and […]

Tatebe, Wes

Meet Wes Tatebe, one of our veteran Tour riders.  Wes has ridden in not one, not two, but SIX Cancervive Cycle Tours.  This year he’s making it a family affair riding with his wife, Kathy, and their 16-year old son, Seiren.  Here’s what Wes said about why he’s riding again in 2017:   “I recently […]

Nieuwesteeg, Jerry

Meet Jerry Nieuwesteeg, one of the Godfathers of the Cancervive Cycle Tour.  Affectionately nicknamed Nuke, Jerry has been riding with and protecting us from headwinds for many, many Tours. Here’s what Jerry said about why he’s riding in the 2017 Tour: “I’m once again going to ride for Wellspring Calgary to raise money for an […]

MacArthur, Ryan

Meet CN Police Constable Ryan MacArthur.  Ryan volunteered for Cancervive Cycle Tour for the first time in 2016.  As a member of our medic team, he was an indispensable member of the group.  We made such a good impression on Ryan that he decided to come back in 2017, this time as a rider! Ryan was profiled in last […]

Morris, Patti

Not only is Patti an extended family member of Cancervive and a rider in our annual Cancervive Cycle Tour several times over, she is also the Executive Director of one of our beneficiaries, Wellspring Calgary. Cancer entered Patti’s life when her dad was diagnosed at 57.  He rallied.  Her family rallied.  Sadly, he was diagnosed very late in […]

Ebbern, Tom

Tom is one of the veterans.  He was one of the first board members with Wellspring Calgary and is still on one of their committees.  Both Tom and his wife Linda have been very supportive of Wellspring and Cancervive over the past several years with Linda volunteering and Tom riding on our tours. Tom is probably the […]