Entries by Kim

Clubb, John

Today’s warrior is John Clubb. John joins Cancervive as a new rider this year and sees it as a great addition to his Ironman training. He’s off to Louisville, Kentucky in October to complete his 6th Ironman!

Szkwarok, Patti

Patti is a cancer survivor, four years strong. She believe strongly that while we may not be able to control if or when cancer will return, we do however have a say on how we choose to live with cancer.

Pankhurst-Brosens, Peggy

Peggy has been involved with Wellspring Calgary since the beginning. She started working for Cancervive in October 2008 and has been enjoying every single minute of it since.

Loughran, Ian

On November 14th, 2005 Ian Loughran’s life changed forever when he was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. After a successful series of radiation treatments, the following year Ian jumped at the opportunity to participate in the Livestrong Challenge ride.

McGregor, Brian

Our Founder and two-time cancer survivor Brian McGregor could be called ‘The Father of Cancervive.’ Brian’s life was forever changed in 2003 by a diagnosis of testicular cancer.