McGregor, Brian



Our Founder and two-time cancer survivor Brian McGregor could be called ‘The Father of Cancervive.’  Brian’s life was forever changed in 2003 by a diagnosis of testicular cancer.  A chance meeting with Lance Armstrong, riding in Armstrong’s Austin charity ride in 2004, and support of his family and friends were the catalysts for Cancervive.

The first Cancervive ride was ten years ago in 2005 when Brian and his friends decided to ride from Calgary to Austin. From there Cancervive has grown into an annual ride attracting hundreds of participants over the years. After a few years abroad Brian is back in Calgary. We’re excited to say he will be riding with us again in this year’s Tour de Cancervive!

Thank you Brian, we truly wouldn’t be here without you. Maybe we should call you ‘The Godfather’ of Cancervive instead; your unwavering dedication towards a goal, determination, guts, and fearlessness in facing cancer are inspiring. In a way you made us an offer we couldn’t refuse – that’s why we ride with you.  😉 Go easy on us out on the roads this September.

The Cancervive Family