Loughran, Ian

Ian Loughran

Today we introduce you to Ian Loughran.  On November 14th, 2005 Ian’s life changed forever; he was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Ian started chemotherapy that very evening.  After 20 sessions of radiation tests showed the tumour had stopped growing.  That was August 2006, the same year he was approached by Jim Perry to be his warrior for Cancervive (called CTAPP at the time).  Ian jumped at the opportunity and went down to Austin to participate in the Livestrong Challenge ride.
In Oct 2006 he road 70 miles (115 km) on his bike in Austin with zero training in very hot weather…..his attitude was “I just beat cancer and I am not going to let this get in my way.”  He rode again with Cancervive in 2007 and 2008 and then volunteered for the Cancervive board and for Wellspring in a few capacities.
To this day Ian still rides ~200 km per week and is feeling stronger and healthier than ever.   Ian is going into his 9th year of being cancer-free; he feels lucky and extremely grateful to be here.  He moved to Saskachewan in 2009 and has been missing Cancervive and Wellspring immensely.
We miss you too Ian!  You’re a inspiration to others who’ve ever thought about giving up.  You’ve shown us limits are really only in our heads.  Thanks for all you do and who you are.
The Cancervive Family