Mitchell, Vic

Vic Mitchell is one of our newest Cancervive Cycle Tour riders.  In fact, in 2018 he’ll be our sole rider representing and raising money for Wellspring Edmonton and man, is he representing!  Vic had the goal to raise $10 for every 690 km hell ride in the 2018 Tour for a total of $6900.  He blew that goal out of the water.

In an interview with Wellspring Edmonton, Vic said he likens his participation in the Tour to being part of a choir.  “You’re leaving all the baggage of life behind you, you’re just enjoying yourself and relaxing. It’s so therapeutic to just forget the things that are on your mind.”

You can read more of Vic’s interview in the Wellspring Edmonton Volunteer Spotlight here.

Welcome to our cycling choir, Vic.  We’re going to rely on you to keep us in tune. Enthusiasm, we have. Musical prowess, not so much.