Pankhurst-Brosens, Peggy

Welcome to this week’s Friday Faces of Cancervive post. Each week we’ll share a story about a Cancervive supporter, volunteer, rider, or warrior. Check back each week to find about another wonderful person from our community.

Today’s shout out goes to Pankhurst-Brosens. Peggy is General Manager for Cancervive but we love her for many, many, many other reasons.

Peggy has been involved with Wellspring Calgary since the beginning and even before that, working with John Stephure. Brian McGregor, Founder of Cancervive, was on the Wellspring Calgary Board of Directors so she learned about Cancervive in 2005. Peggy started working for Cancervive in October 2008 and has been enjoying every single minute of it. She volunteered on the road in 2010 to Austin, did the ride to Austin in 2011 and in 2012 to Maine. She remembers that experience as having the most amazing group of riders and volunteers she has ever met!

Peggy’s friend and neighbor Terri was her warrior in 2012. Sadly, Terri passed away on January 15, 2013, a story that’s all too familiar. Terri was her motivation throughout the ride to Maine; it was her honour to spend the weekend with her and her family. She will always be Peggy’s hero.

Thanks for keeping us moving forward, Peggy! Your dedication to the cause is infectious. We need more wonderful people like you!

The CancerviveAB Team