2020 Cancervive 1-Day Ride 


Updated August 31st:  The Cancervive 2020 Tour was originally booked in  Osoyoos, from Sep 24 to 29.  However,  due to the pandemic, the tour has been deferred to a one day ride from the Banff Fenlends Recreation Center to Lake Louise and back on September 26th.

The cost to register is $100.00.  And right off the bat you are supporting Wellspring.   We invite you to join in the overall cause,  by creating your personal page and ask for donations.  This pandemic has made the need for Wellspring programs even greater as those living with cancer still need to manage their well being and that’s where Wellspring comes in.  So no one has to goes through cancer alone.

Any rider who is registered for the 2020 ride is welcome to complete a virtual ride as well and we will post their progress on this website if the virtual riders wish.  Ian Longhran will be starting up the Cancervive Zwift rides again as a option for virtual riding.

On September we will meet you at the Banff Recreational Center at 9:30, wheels down at 10:00am.  Banff Fenlands Rec Center

Distances:  there will be 3 distances to choose from.  We will ask you to let ride leaders know what route you wish to ride on September 25th or sooner.   This will help us organize in small groups in preparation for the ride start.   It will be very hard to manage the ride if people change their mind at the last minute.

Transportation: to and from is the responsibility of the riders.  You should have a park pass for your vehicle.

Individual lunches will be available at Castle Junction.   Please spread out in a social distance manner.   Wellspring members will be in the Banff Fenlands Rec Center parking lot at the end of ride around 2:00 to 3:00pm, they graciously offered their time to help us celebrate out big day.

Check the weather, come with extra clothing as you see fit.

More information to be posted….

Cancervive 2020 Route Maps for September 26, 2020

See Our Progress HERE