Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for contributing your valuable time on this ride.   You are all heros, we cannot do this without you and please know that you are very much appreciated.

Things you need to know:

You will be given a daily schedule and the Cancervive Cycle Tour Booklet prior to leaving.    When we are on route, each morning  ensure your vans are stocked with sufficient food and supplies for handing out nutrition to riders.   Please fill your water jugs.   Ensure the gas tank is full (best to do this the night before) and your van is ready to transport riders and their gear.  Your Group Leader will indicate the location of the rest stop.    There are many nice scenic spots to pull over and prepare what you need the riders.  There is some heavy lifting involved.  Riders really look forward to their rest stops, you are welcome to make these moments entertaining.

We communicate through texting, and hand held radios, please be sure you stay tuned on the correct channels and that your phones are well charged for the day.  Each morning we will have a radio check, these can be tricking, please do not proceed on the route until you have made radio contact with us.   Take lots of pictures.

For any purchases required for the route ie.  gas, food or beverages, please keep your receipts and give them to me daily or at the end of the trip.   Each Van has an envelope to keep track of your receipts.   We can only reimburse you for purchases you were asked to make.   Please do not spend your hard earned money on supplies for the ride unless asked.

While on the cycling route, you can drive ahead a fair ways from the riders.   Pull completely off the road while waiting for the riders.   There are many pull out spots.   Always place out your orange cones.   These are an alert for oncoming drivers and riders.   Please refrain from following cyclists, this is a huge distraction for the riders and is a blind spot for oncoming traffic.    Stay ahead of the riders as best you can.   You can always turn around to assist riders if necessary.

Always drive at the designated highway speed.

A few rules, and things to bring.

Communication is key!  There will be a radio check each morning to ensure  all volunteers can communicate on the road.   Keep your phones charged, it’s extremely helpful to have access to texting, emails, and especially photo taking.  This is repeated from above for a reason.

Pick up your support vehicle (van) and know and use the contents of your van kit.

Read the “Rules of the Road” and all contents of your booklet to be very familiar with the daily schedule.  It will help you know your riders and volunteers and help you figure out what’s expected.  Road Maps will be provided.

Social aspects, Please attend all safety and volunteer meetings, things change daily with people, supplies, weather, you name it and we need to be prepared.

The is a Cancer wellness event, please no smoking at all for the entire tour.

COVID 19 pandemic rules well likely be in place for a long time.   Please facilitate social distancing and sanitizing as much as possible.   Stay positive.   Caring and understanding is paramount, judging someone is the worst thing.

Drivers,  no alcohol consumption at all while the ride is on progress from 9:00 to 4:00pm and anytime beyond when you are in the vans.

Please if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, email Wayne,  waynesimpson@shaw.ca